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No more spreadsheet dependence

Spreadsheets are a wonderful invention; we also love them. But just like calculators and Rolodexes, they are simply no longer the tools you should be relying on for managing a modern portfolio. Spreadsheets create manual, inefficient, and hard-to-audit processes while exposing your organization to enormous risks, resulting in information that is often untimely, unreliable, unsecure, and always unscalable.

Unleash the power of a
Portfolio Lifecycle Manager

Data Structuring

Easily gather and structure data from multiple sources and formats.

Don’t waste valuable resources chasing and reviewing complex data from operating and financial teams

Avoid costly errors from repetitive manual processes

Automatically structure, audit, and visualize updates and changes in real-time.

Parametric Modeling

Create and keep constantly updated multiple scenarios from a single source of truth.

Don’t miss on opportunities or sustain unnecessary risks by keeping models running and providing powerful insights for different scenarios.

Create models for different stakeholders with specific contingencies, dynamic milestones and quantitative variables.

Create aggregated models of vehicles and selected assets.

Automatic Reporting

Personalise your reporting structure and automate outputs and third party integrations.

Don’t waste unnecessary resources composing reports and clarifying undigested information to your stakeholders.

Avoid security risks from sharing sensitive information via email.

Keep key stakeholders engaged with interactive, comprehensive reporting easily adaptable to their specific data management requirements.


Designed to provide your organization with maximum flexibility to adapt to your needs at all levels: data input, modeling, or reporting outputs, without compromising operational efficiency and data rigor.


Serverless cloud-native technology hosted in AWS, built with the highest security standards to protect your data at all costs. Its holistic workflow environment will limit your communication-risk exposure.


An overlay requiring no changes in your legacy systems or processes. Implementation is very fast, with vehicles onboarding within hours and a use-based pricing model to help you scale your implementation.

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Define your reporting structure
Easily create your Reporting Structure or choose an industry validated template.
Connect  your accounting data
Upload a General Ledger and map your Chart of Accounts to your Reporting Structure.
Program your forecast criteria
Complete your model by establishing forecasting criteria using  smart-parameters.

Learn what it means to be powered by ExcelSense

Learn what it means to be powered by ExcelSense

Convert your assets into data
with ExcelSense
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