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Never before was smart data-managing so relevant for investors and asset managers. Covid had a tectonic effect in the real-assets industry. Now, as we exit into the post-pandemic world, you will be confronted with accelerated trends pushing digitalisation at every level: growth, optimisation, security, ESG, AI...

For years, there has been an increase of technology covering almost every activity involved in managing assets (pipeline, transformation, operation, commercialization, financing, reporting, etc..). Still, at the very core, managers and investors were stranded and precariously dependent on spreadsheets and manual processes.

All that data, now generated by great applications, has been dramatically under-utilized. ExcelSense was born with a clear commitment to becoming the specific tool for Asset Management, helping you make sense of your data and succeed in the digital voyage.

Designed out of necessity

ExcelSense is a spin-off from ELIX Group, an Asset Management firm based in Madrid that manages Vintage Residential Socimi (a REIT originally funded by KKR and Altamar recently acquired by Allianz), which became ExcelSense’s first customer.

The technology behind ExcelSense was originally created to help ELIX optimise its integrated operations while providing both the GP and its LPs with the ultimate reporting tool to successfully control a very complex portfolio.

Since March 2020, ExcelSense has been developing pilots with Early Adopters in the US, Canada and Europe, while developing a Product that can be deployed within days in any vehicle thanks to a highly experienced onboarding team.

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