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No time to waste, no effort to spare.

The world will be adding 60 billion square feet of new buildings every year for the next 40 years, or the equivalent of one New York City a month*. That is just crazy!.
The good thing, if anything, is that most of that building construction and operation will fall in the hands of professional asset managers, who for the most part are starting to take a strong stand to halt carbon emissions.

At ExcelSense, we are committed to help our customers reach their pledge of carbon neutrality, working within the framework of the Net Zero Asset Management Initiative to provide all necessary metrics to take relevant actions as fast as possible.

*UN Environment, Global Status Report 2017


If what gets measured gets done, then let's start measuring carbon emissions!

Measuring carbon emissions is not easy task, specially for scopes II (indirect emissions from the generation of purchased energy) and III (all other indirect emissions that occur in a investment’s value chain), which represent the majority of real assets' impact.

ExcelSense is developing the technology for inferring accurate carbon emissions from structured financial data, using Machine Learning capabilities and based on the domain expertise of our research team, led by José Ortiz as our Chief Research Officer.

If you are interested in collaborating with us in this effort, whether you manage a portfolio or have specialized knowledge on the the matter, please contact us.

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