The flexibility of spreadsheets with the power of relational databases.

Meet the future of Portfolio Lifecycle Management.

Structure your data to fit your needs.

Easily create reporting structures from scratch or adopt templates from our industry libraries.

Let ExcelSense do the math and find confort on relying on standarized investment indicators based on your own structure.

Establish your own templates and share them across your organization to save time, avoid risks and simplify aggregation.

Data management

Make sense of accounting data in real-time.

Import Actuals from your accounting software and easily reconcile accounts to detect human errors.

Map your accounting data to your Reporting Structure and establish the criteria to fold it into your Actual models.

Quickly visualise actuals vs. forecasted and performance progress metrics in real-time.

Control your models with parametric forecasting.

Create as many forecast entries under each activity as you need to build the right model for each asset.

Use a rich array of intelligent parameters when defining your forecast and let ExcelSense compute every scenario.

Introduce smart criteria to deal with any divergence resulting from unexpected actuals vs. forecast for the current month.

Manage contingencies and work with multiple scenarios..

Introduce smart contingencies to create specific models for different stakeholders, whithout corrupting your performance data.

Define dynamic milestones and forecast entries to set multiple scenarios, both at asset and vehicle levels.

Visualise a timeline for indicators for every model (contingency + scenario) and quickly detect issues, risks and opportunities.

Automate interactive reporting with a complete audit-trail.

Identify the when, why and who of any changes to your models and interact with the team in charge, directly.

Automate comprehensive and interactive reporting outputs for each stakeholder.

Keep your data safe by sharing secure access to an enterprise reporting platform, not shared spreadsheets.

Infer carbon emission models to meet your pledges.

Identify wich accounts are relevant for modeling purposes and connect them with the Data Headers in your reporting structure

Gain peace-of-mind by using library templates sanctioned by industry groups and used by other managers and investors.

ExcelSense helps you excel
by making sense of your data

Convert your assets into data
with ExcelSense
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