A solution that fits your business.

If your business is Real Assets.

Increase control to meet your targets
(including your NetZero pledges).

Be on top of your game by visualizing in real-time how investment indicators evolve and understanding why.

Save time by directly aggregating models across your portfolio using your own reporting structure.

Avoid future headaches by creating carbon-emission models for all your assets thanks to our ML-inferring modeling capability.

Stay ahead of your competition by harvesting now well structured data from every asset while preparing for AI employment.

Manage more (and better) with less, and grow your AUM rapidly.

Increase investment performance by optimizing control and detecting risks and opportunities early with dynamic scenarios.

Keep your organization lean as you grow by automating processes and harnessing your knowledge.

Reduce exposure to data leakage and corruption using a secure application to share information, reducing files shared via email.

Produce selective reporting by introducing smart contingencies without compromising your performance models.

Keep your investors engaged while simplifying communications by providing visual, comprehensive, and interactive information.

Boost your project's performance and raise capital like a Pro.

Increase project performance by optimizing control and detecting early risks and opportunities with running scenarios.

Gain peace of mind by using industry-standard underwriting models and powerful reporting templates.

Produce comprehensive reporting data by introducing smart contingencies without compromising your performance models.

Keep your investors engaged while reducing meeting-time by providing visual and comprehensive interactive information.

Increase your value by rallying behind the investment indicators.

Provide unparalleled service to your customers by providing direct comprehensive forecasts into the management platform.

Align your efforts with the investment indicators by gaining inmediate feedback on the impact of your changes.

Improve your operations by identifying where your team is under performing or not meeting forecasts.

Grow your business by providing Managers and Developers reliable metrics on your performance.

ExcelSense helps you excel
by making sense of your data

Convert your assets into data
with ExcelSense
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